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Glass Tent -4

      The overall glass tent has a higher-end feeling, and the vision will be wider. If it is used with lighting at night, it will have better effects and atmosphere, and the overall attractiveness will be great. The appearance is atmospheric and the interior is bright, and the interior lighting effect is more beautiful, the light transmittance is strong, and the sunlight can directly shine on the interior of the tent.

      The glass wall can provide a better interior environment of the tent, because it is full of light, weatherproof, better control the indoor temperature, which is its beautiful appearance. Many glass curtain walls are starting to come with colors for better UV protection.

      The types of glass tents are diverse and suitable for a wide range of activities. Such as restaurants, celebrations, hotels, auto shows, exhibition halls, conferences and so on.

      Shapes include: spire, arc, herringbone, arch, hexagon, special shape, etc.

      Material: high-quality PVC tarpaulin, high-quality tempered glass wall, high-quality ABS wall, high-strength pure 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame, etc.

      The glass tents produced by Guangao tent manufacturers can be easily disassembled, can be quickly installed in a very short period of time, and have a service life of more than 20 years.

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